Protect your car on the campsite

You must recon this!You are out for holidays for a couple of weeks in France, Italy, Spain or somewhere else in Europ. While parked, treesaps , dirt and bird droppings fall down on you car. Besides it doesn't look very neat, it might also damage your car's paint. Within a couple of days your car is completely covered with this unpleasent droppings. Hapens to you too?

There is something you can do about it!

Protect your car while parked in front of your tent, caravan or folding trailer. Cove your car with a carcover. Shop for Covers provides a couple of options to cover up and minimize the amount of debris.

Protection on the camping against:
Bird droppings
Light hail

A lot of cars on campings are not or not correctly protected. In particular not proper covered cars stand out.

An old fashion piece of fabric covers the hood

A tarpaulin that's not tailored for the car, and has no windstraps

A halfcver, but slightly too small

A roof box makes the car taller, and the tarpaulin too short

Option 1 Half Covers: tarpaulin covers the roof and windows

A half cover is a lightweight cover that covers as well as the roof and the windows. The carcover is easy to mount, easy to carry and takes a very little amount of space in your car. The halfcover reflects sunlight and UV-rays and therefor reduce the heat inside the car. The cover also prevent bird droppings and treesaps to stick to the paint and windows, last but not least the halfcover is 100% waterproof what comes in handy for convertibles with a softtop.

Make sure you order the correct size cover for you car, otherwise a part of your car still gets dirty.

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Option 2 Outdoor carcovers: tailor made full covering tarpaulins

Our Star Cover carcovers are the best protection while traveling or on the camping. They cover up the complete car, are waterproof en keep all dirt en droppings away from the paint. Outdoor carcovers take up a bit more space then a halfcover, but if you have enough spare space the carcover is the best option. Heat reducing carcovers that are very easy to moint. The windstraps prevent that the covers will be blown away on windy campsites near the coast.

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While staying on the campsite you would rather keep your car clean. Make sure you have a perfect fit carcover, tailored for your car model. Install the cover tight over the car so it can't get blown away and let the carcover protect you car's paint and windows. Our complete selection of outdoor carcovers and HalfCovers make sure you always have the correct cover for on the road or on the camping. That is definitely worth it!