Custom tailored Ferrari covers for indoor and outdoor use

The best fit and protection with our large collection of Ferrari tailored carcovers. Buy an OEM carcover, or choose to have a Custom Cover made especially for your Ferrari. Or choose one of our Star Cover carcovers that can be delivered from stock. Only the best Ferrari fit carcovers are selected, the best materials to be scratchfree, with a very thight fit.

Ferrari carcovers for the Testarossa, 208 / 308, 328, 348, F355, F360, F430, 458 Italia, 488, Mondial 8, Mondial Quattrovalvole, Mondial 3.2, Mondial t, California, Portofino, 400 / 412, 456 GT, 612 Scaglietti, FF, GTC4Lusso, Testarossa / 512, 550 , aranello, 575M Maranello, 599 GTB Fiorano, F12 Berlinetta, F40, F50, Enzo, FXX and LaFerrari.

Ferrari protection tarpaulins for indoor use protect against dirt, dust and stains while stalled in the garage. The outdoorcovers are waterproof, longlasting and breatheable. A Custom Cover is tailored esepecially for you, you choose the colors, print, mirror sleeves and piping we make sure you get the best cover available in the market.

Custom tailored carcovers to fit any Ferrari

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