Tailored car covers for your MG

A tailor-made inner cover or outer cover for each MG model. Our high-quality protective covers protect your MG when you are not using it for a while. The inner sleeve ensures that the MG does not become dirty or dusty and protects it against small scratches and dents. This way you can take the MG back on the road clean after hibernation. The outer covers protect against the elements of nature such as rain, snow, hail, UV rays, bird droppings and tree resin, keeping the MG's paint in perfect condition.

Custom MG car covers for: Midget Mark I, Midget Mark II, Midget Mark III, Midget 1500, 1100, 1300, MGA Roadster, MGA GT, MGB Roadster, MGB GT, MGC Roadster, MGC GT, MGC, MGA, MGB, Y -type, Magnette ZA, Magnette ZB, Magnette Mark III and Magnette Mark IV,

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